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The Gold Gallery
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Genuine Gold – whether 24 Karat, 18 Karat or 14 Karat. – Nothing feel quite like the Real Thing.  Of all the precious metals, only Gold has universal appeal and comes in such a variety of colors.  Classic Yellow, stylish White, vintage Rose or trendy Green – Gold affords countless options for creating a customized look, worn alone or adorned with Diamonds and Gemstones.  From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to today’s fashionistas, Gold is the most popular choice in fine jewelry setting and design.  It is durable, yet flexible; function yet beautiful; and it comes in endless textures, shapes and dimensions.  As its value on the world market continues to increase, Genuine Gold is always an investment in glamour and discerning taste that appreciates over time.

Cleopatra’s Jewels has it all!  On our website, we are pleased to present a sampling of our best-selling Gold jewelry designs in chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, bangles and body jewelry.  We partner with many Gold manufacturers to provide thousands of Gold Jewelry items through our catalogs.

One of our frequently requested services is Personal Shopping for a new Gold chain to highlight a new pendant or update an older one. 

If the Gold jewelry of your dreams is not shown on our website, please contact us so that we may assist you in acquiring your Golden Treasure.

All that glitters is surely Gold.

To view the entire Cleopatra’s Jewels Gold Gallery Collection, or to select from one of our many catalogs, please contact us.

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Semanarios (7-day Gold Bangles)
14 KT. Diamond Cut Bangles in White or Yellow Gold



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