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Galatea: Jewelry By Artist

Chi Galatea Huynh is internationally renowned for innovation in Pearl jewelry design.  He created the patented “Diamond in the Pearl” jewelry, which features a brilliant, bezel-set diamond inserted into Tahitian and South Sea Pearls.  The inspiration for these works of art was Chi’s love for a woman and his desire to give her something completely new.  In this collection, the Diamond represents the original grain of sand which the oyster swallows and causes discomfort – but ultimately results in a beautiful Pearl.  Chi sees his “Diamond in the Pearl Collection” as an expression of true love, which remains constant through good times and bad. 

An accomplished artist and poet, Chi Galatea has always explored originality in bold new Pearl jewelry designs.  His next creation was “carved” Pearls, which introduced the art of carving patterns on the surface of Tahitian and Akoya Pearls to achieve subtle color shadings and light shifts.  This led to a Collection of diamond-set Pearls, hand-sculpted with swirling patterns that represent fascinating images of nature.

Motivated by curiosity and the pursuit of beauty, Chi Galatea stunned the Gemstone World and once again made Pearl design history in 2001 when he patented a process to insert a “gemstone  bead” into a black-lipped oyster.  This was the most revolutionary change in the Pearl culturing process in the last 100 years.  The embedded “gemstone bead” created a Pearl that could be carved down to the nucleus to reveal the gem beneath the nacre.  Called “the most unique gem on earth,” the “Mercy Pearl” is created by the delicate touch of nature and the passion of man. 

Not limited to Pearls alone, Chi Galatea directed his creativity to an exciting new cut for gemstones called the “Davinchi Cut.”  This patent-pending cut enables the gemstone to absorb colors, light and images.  It creates a magical illusion that makes the gem, including white Diamond, change colors at different angles and view points. 

Galatea’s lustrous lines also include “Mother of Pearl,” “The Season of Love,” “Golden Flowers,” and “The Yes Collection.”

You will find Galatea’s unique trademarked designs exclusively at Cleopatra’s Jewels in our area.

To view the entire Gallatea Collection, or to select from one of our many catalogs, please contact us.

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