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"Welcome to Cleopatra's Jewels. We help you celebrate the memorable moments in your life with luxury gifts of Fine Jewelry in Genuine Gold, Sterling  Silver, Colored Gemstones and Diamonds at very affordable prices - for everyday and special occasions." 

Sheryl W. Solomon.

How It All Began...

What began as a life-long love affair with fine jewelry – gold, silver, diamonds and colored gemstones – turned into a post-corporate career “temporary” job in fine jewelry sales.  I had planned to stay only through the Holiday season.  But two years later, I was still in the business.

Early on, I discovered that I had a passion for helping customers find just the right fine jewelry selection – whether it was a teenager buying a “Promise” ring on a tight budget – or a husband searching for a 5 carat diamond bracelet for his wife’s birthday.  However, I also learned that while I deeply cherished the relationships I developed with repeat customers and loved selling jewelry, I longed for a more personal and attentive environment.

My challenge was how to do what I enjoyed in a different setting.  The solution was to launch a new venture, incorporating all the things I relished about the business – value, integrity, nurturing old relationships, making new friends, personal shopping assistance in a relaxed, comfortable environment – and of course, buying “the real thing” in fine jewelry at affordable prices.  

And thus, Cleopatra’s Jewels was born.


What We Offer

Cleopatra’s Jewels offers a new concept in fine jewelry selection.  We are a full-service jewelry business providing Public and Private Vault Shows and Jewelry Presentations to a select group of people – you and your friends and guests of your friends.  We also see clients “By Appointment.”

Our merchandise features jewelry in 14 Kt. and 18 Kt. Gold, Sterling Silver, Colored Gemstones and Diamonds.  We offer Finished Jewelry, including an extensive selection of Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Anklets, Watches, Baby and Children’s Jewelry and Gentlemen’s Jewelry – all at very affordable prices.

We also offer a captivating array of loose colored gemstones, in virtually every color of the rainbow, to custom design pieces for our valued clients. We assist you in choosing your gemstones and mountings and we have them expertly set to your satisfaction and our high standards.

In May 2007, we introduced our Custom Design Collection, featuring Colored Gemstone and Diamond Pendants, Rings and Earrings. All gemstones in the Collection are individually selected for their excellent cut, color and beauty.  Certified Appraisals are complimentary on most Collection pieces

We are very pleased to be the “first” and “only” retailer in our area to offer several exciting Designer Collections – Sara Blaine, ELLE Jewelry, Lori Bonn, Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, Andy Gotz/Jewelmak and Jane Wullbrandt..

The “Sara Blaine Collection,” is a Designer Line of Sterling Silver and exquisite precious and semi-precious gemstones, many set with 18 Kt. Gold Accents.  All pieces in the “Sara Blaine Collection” are expertly handcrafted in Bali by skilled artisans. The vibrant stones in the Collection reflect Sara’s unique sense of style and fashion.  Her jewelry has universal appeal and beauty.  “Sara Blaine is Elegance meets Color meets Quality.”

ELLE Jewelry is created by ELLE Magazine, the largest fashion and beauty publication in the world.  The development of each season’s ELLE Jewelry and Watch Collection is a collaborative effort between their U. S. Design Team and ELLE’s Paris Headquarters, comprised of top stylists and trend forecasters.  Their award-winning Collections feature high-polished .925 Sterling Silver that is rhodium-plated – just like White Gold – for a tarnish-free finish.  Many pieces are adorned with high quality gemstones in gorgeous colors.  Each piece is trademarked with ELLE’s genuine Signature Ruby Logo, symbolizing a woman’s strength and inner beauty.

Lori Bonn’s Jewelry is handcrafted, using the finest gemstones and Sterling Silver, with great attention to detail.  Each piece is touched by countless hands from around the globe, fusing cultures with gemstones, precious metals and true inspiration.  Unlike most other designers, Lori creates eight Collections each year, reflecting the fashion trends and colors of the season. After a Collection is sold, it is then retired.  This “Exclusive Release” practice is appealing to jewelry Collectors as well as individuals who enjoy knowing they own a limited production piece.  Lori Bonn’s pieces are highly prized by celebrity clients, like Alicia Silverstone, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

Jane Wullbrandt has been designing custom jewelry for nearly 30 years.  Her signature look is “gem intense, architecturally inspired and set in 18 Kt. Gold.”  Design elements found in everyday life inspire Jane’s Collections, which are full of structural shapes and brilliant colors.  Her jewelry offer limitless options to customize pieces by varying the combinations of gemstones.  She includes all popular Birthstones and a dazzling array of vivid, beautifully cut gems highlighted by white, yellow or two-tone 18 Kt. Gold.  Her jewelry Collections tell fascinating stories that inspire both women and men who become devoted fans.

Master artist and jeweler, Chi Galatea stunned the gem world in 2001 when he patented a “pearl culturing” process that led to the creation of the “Mercy Pearl” – part Pearl – part Gemstone.  By inserting a gemstone “bead” into a black-lipped oyster, Galatea created a pearl that could be hand carved down to expose the beautiful gem beneath the pearl’s nacre (pearly coating).  Galatea designs exquisite 14 Kt. Gold jewelry adorned with these breathtaking “pearl-gems.”  Galatea is best known for his unique patented “Diamond in the Pearl” Collection, which features a brilliant diamond embedded in the center of a luminous pearl in many jewelry styles.  He also creates five distinctive Pearl Collections.  His latest gemstone Collection, “The Davinchi Cut” series, premieres a patent-pending cut for gemstones that causes fascinating color change at different angles.

Andy Götz is the founder of Andy Götz, the Jewelry Design Company that bears his name, and Jewelmak.  Born and raised in Zurich Switzerland, Andy taught himself to draw and paint before he was inspired to create jewelry.  After moving to New York, Andy launched a successful career in jewelry design and manufacturing that spans two decades.  Andy’s influences come from his world-wide travels – especially to Brazil, Southern Asia and Europe.  The Andy Götz/Jewelmak lines feature custom-faceted gemstones, diamonds, malachite and chalcedony set in 14 Kt. and 18 Kt. Gold, and in Sterling Silver.  His striking new Men’s Collection uses Sterling Silver, Titanium, Tungsten, Exotic Woods, African Reeds and Copper accents.  Andy Götz/Jewelmak’s trendy and fashion-forward styles appeal to any age group and have garnered an “A-list” celebrity following who value prominence in craftsmanship.

Since Fine Jewelry is a lifetime investment, Cleopatra’s Jewels offers a variety of services to keep your special pieces looking stylish and up-to-date.  These include Repairs of all types and Restyling of older jewelry to newer settings.

For your Insurance and Appraisal needs, we work with a GIA Graduate Gemologist who is a Certified Independent Appraiser to provide expert and timely service.

To mark the Special Occasions, Events, and Ceremonies in your life, we are pleased to offer our highly attentive “Personal Shopping Service.”  For those times, we become your “Personal Jewelry Stylist” and shop for just the right Gem or Accessory to complete your ensemble within your specified budget.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for yourselfor another – or if a cruise, vacation, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Quincenera, Baby Shower, “Push” Present, Baptism, Confirmation, Religious Celebration or Personal Achievement Award is in your future – we would love to make this a stress-free and effortless experience for you.  And the best part of all – our Personal Shopping Service is always complimentary!

You’re Invited

To serve our clients, Cleopatra’s Jewels offers Vault Presentations in our Showroom, at other locations and “By Appointment.”  We feature a good selection of Finished Jewelry, Custom Design Jewelry from our Collection, Loose Gemstones and Mountings, and a variety of Color Catalogs for Special Orders, usually available in three days.  We also premiere our exclusive Designer Lines, including Sara Blaine, ELLE, Lori Bonn, Galatea: Jewelry By Artist, Andy Götz/Jewelmak and Jane Wullbrandt.

There is always something for everyone in every price range and great gift options.  Attendance is always limited at our events due to our personalized service.

If you would like to be added to our Invitation List, Host a Vault Show at your location or Make an Appointment to visit our Showroom, please contact us by email or phone (805) 492-7637.

Welcome to Cleopatra’s Jewels – a new way to experience Fine Jewelry Selection. 

“Affordable Luxury for Everyday and Special Occasions”

                             Sheryl W. Solomon                              Cleopatra's Jewels



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